Our Wood 22 Underfloor Heating (UFH) system is specially designed to reduce the water temperature in timber systems. Due to the heat being above the 22mm load bearing floor, your energy savings can be enormous!

A typical 22mm wood flooring will hold back around 8°C, therefore requiring a higher flow temperature, which will result in increased energy consumption.

Reduce energy consumption and flow temperatures

Wood 22 however, is designed to reduce energy consumption and reduce flow temperatures of the UFH system. With reduced flow temperatures, Wood 22 is an ideal partner for low temperature heat sources, such as our renewable energy Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) and Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs). With flow temperatures equal to that of a screed system (around 35°C), the CoP (Coefficient of Performance) of your heat pump can considerably improve!

Made bespokely

Wood 22 is constructed from moisture resistant 22mm chipboard flooring (V313 P5) laid at 90° to the joist direction or over an existing level deck. We can supply plain straight or routed turning boards. Where possible, feed or supply pipes are laid below the Wood 22 boards or bespoke routed into the Wood 22 surface, ensuring sufficient insulation has been installed below. Our engineers make any necessary bespoke routes into the boards, then aluminium heat distribution plates and/or pipes are installed in accordance with the individual layout we design for you.

Our Wood 22 system will produce a maximum output of 70w/m2.

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